The Kitchen and Bath

A team that loves to create

The kitchen, as it sets the example for the home, is the most lived-in room of the house. Your days could brighten and your mood could change. The kitchen sets the tone for each and every day.

What can you do to improve your kitchen – leave it to the experts at Luhcs Kitchen and Bath. We design and install custom kitchens from start to finish. Our designs bring the warmth to the home and elegance you deserve. It as easy as an email or phone call away for you to build the kitchen of your dreams.

"Our process starts with an initial meeting and a better understanding of your design needs and desires”

Once we understand what you want and the design style that makes sense for your home, we head back to the studio and start building the perfect kitchen for you. Our team of licensed and experienced contractors will never fail to impress you with courteousness and optimal manners, your jaw will drop after you see the job come to life and become a part of your home. There are a few steps in the process that are vital and that first meeting, at no charge to you, is the first and most important meeting.

"The best part of our job is understanding what makes you tick – it is your home”

Bath Made Simple

The bathroom, next to the kitchen, is the second most visited part of your home. The bedroom is the only room that is used more but your sleeping most of the time so it doesn’t count. Being awake and entering a room with design and beauty that captures your heart, is a must for Luchs Enterprises Kitchen and Bath. There is more to a bathroom that builds energy and captivates you each time you open the door. As we spend our time preparing for the day, this room also sets the tone for your mood and elevates your consciousness through color, design and warmth. Where else would you throw the towel, splash warm water on your face and gleam upon colors and tile installed with careful and luxurious finished look.

"Finding the right contractor that cares about you and your home is why we are here”

There are many looks a bathroom can create – open spaces, confined luxury. Sometimes less is more when designing the walking and lounging space in your bathroom. The part about the room that makes you tick is the part that we put most of our effort designing and creating for your experience. Yes, the bathroom is more of an experience than you ever thought. As it lightens and warms your mood, the best part of taking a moment out of your day and spending it alone to gather your thoughts is the luxury and design of an elegant Luhcs Kitchen and Bathroom.

"There’s no better time than now to make your home the perfect place to hang your hat"

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