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New Kitchen Cabinets in St Louis

For the most affordable, and most professional, kitchen cabinets in St Louis contact Luhcs Enterprises. Forrest Luhcs and his team have access to low prices that he can pass on to you so you get the best professional installation in St Louis.

We work with all insurance companies to coordinate the job, ensuring no hassles to you, and everything is to your specifications. Our 9 step process ensures you get the most professional kitchen cabinets in St Louis

Luhcs Enterprises steps for quality installation of kitchen cabinets in St Louis:

  1. We check the ceiling for level in two directions and measure down from the ceiling (or low spot) 33 inches to mark the walls.
  2. We connect the marks, mark the stud locations on the walls, then measure and transfer stud locations to the back of the upper cabinets.
  3. We drill a screw-shank clearance holes through the cabinet backs at each stud location.
  4. We hold up the cabinets for a rough fit and check the cabinet for plumb with a level and use that to install the cabinets.
  5. Base cabinets are layed from the high spot in your floor, measuring up 34½ inches, then install the sink base kitchen cabinet first, centering it under the window.
  6. Fastening the sink base cabinets to the wall studs with 3-inch screws, we check the cabinet for level from front to back; slide shims under the front of the cabinet, if necessary, to level it. Trim the shims with the utility knife.
  7. Then we install the remaining base cabinets in a similar manner.
  8. Then we install all the drawers and doors.
  9. Then we make the marks and install your new countertop.Contemporary kitchen cabinets in St Louis
    So call Luhcs Enterprises to turn your kitchen into the beautifully functional space you know it can be. Phone: (314) 202-9007
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