Painting is an artform and anyone that comes to your home and offers you their service had better agree with that fact. It is a soft touch and a steady hand that cuts the fine line between the wall and the ceiling. Making sure the perfect amount of paint is on the brush and the steady had glides across the surface with perfection. There is a difference between us and the competition and it is mostly our team is passionate about their work and they take it seriously - as an art and a career. We want your jaw-dropping experience to be because the work is better than you imagined

Get it painted!

Your home is an extension of our reputation and we take that very seriously. We get in, get the job done, and do it well the first time. No mistakes allow us to have a reputation that precedes itself. They aren't just walls, doors, trim, or ceilings. To us they are a canvas and, when we are in your home holding the brush, that canvas is painted for you to enjoy every day. Let Luhcs Painters be the right choice for you and your family. You deserve something nice! At least we think so.

Let us paint it!