Disaster Recovery for Residential and Commercial Real Estate in St Louis

Is disaster recovery part of your planning?

Has your basement flooded?

Have you had a fire?

Have you had wind damage or trees falling on your roof?

Disasters come in all shapes and sizes. It’s not bad things befalling you such as hurricanes, earthquakes and tornadoes, but also catastrophes such as fires, heating and cooling failures and even vandalism. They all can be classified as disasters.

Commercial and residential property owners usually take out insurance that covers the actions you need to take to get back on your feet quickly and without major losses.

Luhcs Enterprises specializes in helping you recover from all these types of disasters, ensuring you are put back to rights quickly. We work with your insurance company to make sure everything is done right and payments are smoothly coordinated.

Having worked with almost all insurance companies in the St Louis area, we make sure the work we do for you is up to your insurance company standards as well.

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