Custom Cabinetry & Decorative Wall Designs in St Louis

Luhcs Enterprises can create a custom cabinet & decorative wall designs using our special computerized router. We can create any design you need, even from a photograph. Any design!

Here are some examples of what our tools and our craftsmen can create:

custom window treatments

These custom window treatments can highlight the curb appeal and professional edifice of your office.

decorative room dividers

We can create custom room dividers from any design you want.


custom cabinet doors

These custom cabinet doors were created using special computerized routing tools


decorative wall art

Luhcs Enterprises can create decorative wall art for your business in any style you need.



custom elevator doors

Custom designed elevator doors like these can decorate your entry way or the elevator lobby in your commercial office space.

We can create any interior design you need to make your dental office, law firm or office space in St Louis provide the professional atmosphere you need to run your business.

Call Forrest Luhcs at  (314) 202-9007 to schedule a free consultation for us to come out and give you a quote. Or go to our contact page to send us a quick email.